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Obama budget defeated 99-0 in Senate

heading for ruin

It’s getting harder and harder to publish digestible propaganda these days isn’t it?

Obama budget defeated 99-0 in Senate.

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‘War On Women’ Is ‘Political Theater’? Yes, it is…but McDonnell forfeited his right to an opinion

Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell speaking at...


McDonnell helps Huffington Post in campaign to bury itself up its own assh*#e

He is right; this is political theatre. Once upon a time, and for about two days or so, the debate centered around federally funded first amendment molestation, coupled with expanding Federal influence on individual liberties.
Even so, Bob McDonnell forfeits the right to dissent when he signs up to join their cast—proposing two draconian-pointless Bills.  You can’t say the Left’s “war on women” spin is histrionic after brazenly (and, again, needlessly) offering two clearly misogynistic pieces of legislation. The Republicans’ brought this upon themselves; their reactionary ranting and raving (coupled with shocking stupidity in talking on this issue) put them front and center in—yes once again—a marshy moral minefield. It’s tired and nauseating. So, they get no pity from me.

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You can find love in BK….

random sketch on the #3 rain

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