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Thomas Sowell discusses his new book, “Intellectuals and Race”


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“Social Thinking” and Politics

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Understanding the fiscal cliff

Ideological discrimination

“ – A Guide To Understanding The Fiscal Cliff – Peter J Reilly Passive Activities – Forbes /read in @feedly




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The unsung candidate in the 2012 election: yellow press

Image representing New York Times as depicted ...

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It is understood-and somewhat tolerated-that cinema, major news networks and media publications lean left.  In past elections you’d get the occasional grumble or gripe from the right. But, Mainstream election coverage in 2012 is something else entirely; something eerily similar in practice to the principle of historical/factual revisionism in the years immediately after 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. Networks came dangerously close to wholesale non-state sponsored propaganda. At the very least, NBC, ABC, CNN, the New York Times, TIme Magazine, Candy Crowley, the daytime talk shows, comedy central etc are guilty of  media malpractice.

The Propaganda Machine

Obama does not receive a vote in favor of budge

Worst of all,  most election coverage handicaps the Romney campaign by affecting public perception. Exhibit A is the tectonic shift the polls since the first debate.  Less about the debate and more about live television, those who swallowed the Obama myth expected Mitt Romney to appear on stage as a Mormon Rich Uncle Pennybags from Monopoly.  Yet, alas, he sounded competent and did not light a cigar with a $100 note after punting a puppy over Jim Lehrer‘s head.

The debate: 1) awakened a catatonic public to the noticeable disparity between Obama’s libel and Romney’s likability; and 2) revealed a president that did not conform to the myth they were sold.

Consequently,  a record 12 million viewers tuned to FOX [hardly a left leaning network].

Whether you agree or disagree with my assessment, assume that the media’s political slant begins to visibly distort and affect electionresults (I know, ‘good luck quantifying that!’). Does that bind voters in a catch 22? A free society needs an autonomous press, but what happens when an autonomous press vitiates a free society?

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Manufacturing Hysteria: The Obama Artifice

The President’s culpability:

President Obama on David Letterman, September 18th 2012:

here’s what happened the you had a video that was released by somebody who lives here – sort of a shadowy character who there is a extremely offensive video directed at Mohammed and Islam, making fun of the profit, so this caused great offense in much of the muslim world

Unbelievably, inventing another propaganda narrative does not, and should not, astonish anyone. Those paying attention called “bull shit!” four years ago. The hallmark of the ‘Obama has always been Duplicity. So, the coverup does not shock me; it is it is way the administration went about it. Did they think nobody would notice? Which over-educated midwestern grad-student staffer concluded that triggering global anti-American riots was a ‘swell idea?”

On September 16, 2012 (5 days after the attack) Barack Obama’s UN Ambassador Susan Rice appears on five talk shows bolstering the administration’s foreign policy. Specifically, Rice emphasizes that Christopher Stevens‘ death resulted from a spontaneous demonstration that turned violent. Later, during the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee‘s hearing on the 9/11 attack, state department officials testify under oath that indeed no protest existed.

“Why did you lie”

Lastly, 14 days later Obama defends our values (read 1st Amendment freedoms, particularly speech) in response to a “disgusting video”. By the end of the speech the President refers to this video on six separate occasions. By the second presidential debate, the intelligence community, the state department and yes, you saw it live, the President himself conceded that a video never sparked a protest that never happened.

To read transcript of the UN Speech



So the question is:

How, when and why did the Administration conclude that a 5-6 month old video on YouTube precipitated the death of Christopher Stevens? There was no protest, no video and an awareness of increased hostility in Libya.

The President wagged the Dog – manufacturing a protest resulting from an obscure video to deflect negative attention from his campaign so close to election day. And, incidentally and unnecessarily (with unparalleled help – albeit unknowingly by major news networks) questioned the scope of the First Amendment and sparked worldwide anti-American riots.


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Obama budget defeated 99-0 in Senate

heading for ruin

It’s getting harder and harder to publish digestible propaganda these days isn’t it?

Obama budget defeated 99-0 in Senate.

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Who needs approval? Just wait to get this pesky election over-with

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Things looking good for Round Two…

Heritage Foundation recaps today’s arguments and justice reactions

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‘War On Women’ Is ‘Political Theater’? Yes, it is…but McDonnell forfeited his right to an opinion

Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell speaking at...


McDonnell helps Huffington Post in campaign to bury itself up its own assh*#e

He is right; this is political theatre. Once upon a time, and for about two days or so, the debate centered around federally funded first amendment molestation, coupled with expanding Federal influence on individual liberties.
Even so, Bob McDonnell forfeits the right to dissent when he signs up to join their cast—proposing two draconian-pointless Bills.  You can’t say the Left’s “war on women” spin is histrionic after brazenly (and, again, needlessly) offering two clearly misogynistic pieces of legislation. The Republicans’ brought this upon themselves; their reactionary ranting and raving (coupled with shocking stupidity in talking on this issue) put them front and center in—yes once again—a marshy moral minefield. It’s tired and nauseating. So, they get no pity from me.

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