Enforcing a NY Support Order in Another State to Garnish Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Getting Child Support from a Debtor in Another State

The UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT -valid in all 50 states- permits those owed child support payments from a debtor who lives out ofd state the means of having their New York Court order enforced in another state.

The most simple and effective way to get owed child support payments is through the support collections unit (SCU) or the court clerk, who will issue an Income Execution and Deduction Order. This order covers almost all income including: unemployment benefits, disability and worker’s comp.

Then you need send the debtor a notice of income execution; the requirements given under CPLR 5241(C). Send the notice to a last known address by regular mail. After 15 days, and assuming you hear no objection, you can then serve the notice and income execution order on the income payor: in this case that is the the other state’s labor department, but this is equally true for a private employer.


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