We’d love to support Japan, but it just isn’t fashionable enough for our image…

George Clooney: humanitarian, Oscar winner, and consummate savior of third world nations...he loves the world so much, he will hold a puppy


After waiting a few weeks in good faith I can acknowledge what we all knew; scant media attention, telethons, commercials, concerts, or George Clooney for Japan. I guess it simply isn’t fashionable enough for an arm bracelet.

The disaster’s magnitude, including a tsunami, water and electric disaster, nuclear contamination etc. dwarfs the size of anything in recent memory. Further the Japanese people’s uncanny composure might have prevented further devastation.

The response? A token show of feigned support, with most coverage dedicated to scornful castigation of the country’s reliance on nuclear energy.

Not that poor nations deserve any less attention, but a little continuity would be nice…and useful. Put differently, perhaps attitudes might change when and if the Hollywood ignorati reconsider how such a large economy affects them. Self-interest evidently is the only dialect understandable to the Bono’s of the world.



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